Invest in Yourself!

What is the biggest investment you have ever made in your life? Apart from buying my first house at 18 years old, mine was investing in my health. In some ways the universe forced this upon me when from a young age I was suffering in my own body with chronic painful lady issues, ( which at the time I didn’t know would shape my entire existence and make me the spiritual being that I am today) I also got hit with cystic acne and was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome & fibromyalgia (well this is what the doctor called it at the time). This meant that at a ripe age I was mixing up all kinds of tonics, and concoctions and it was these sufferings that lead me on the journey of spirituality, health and self care. In fact this led me to the use of Naturopathic Remedies, which eventually led to me studying and becoming a Naturopath. This journey meant that I could not only help myself but those suffering around me. Investing in yourself and your health both mentally and physically is by far the most powerful and best investment you will make in your entire lifetime.        
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