The decision to create their own range of 100 per cent natural products came easily to the founders of Geelong health hub Renew Yourself.
Melanie Whillance and Peter Bouris want to help people live their healthiest life. The dynamic duo’s primary business is a wellness destination for massage and osteopathic treatments, which is now complemented by products of the same name. The collection is derived from the earth and sourced for ethical and sustainable quality as well as its rich nutrients and active ingredients. It includes herbal teas, medicinal foot soaks, natural medicine remedies and organic skincare. “I started off creating herbal teas for clients to enjoy and then I went into creating the products. I was using in my treatments and started to sell a few of them as well,” Melanie says.

“They are 100 per cent natural products, we like to use locally sourced or Australian where possible and all the products are vegan.”
Melanie, who has been a massage therapist for nearly 17 years has also studied aromatherapy, remedial massage, cupping, beauty therapy and naturopathy and makes all the products herself here in Geelong. Some of her products are made to order to ensure produce freshness and potency, including the Muscle Recovery Balm and the Feet Relief Foot Scrub and Soak.

“The most attractive product is the face smoothie,” she says passionately. “The ingredients I use would be more edible than things you would get from the confectionary aisle in the supermarket. “Although they are intended for the face, I am trying to make a valid point of the purity of the product. It contains clays, superfoods and supergreens to help detox and purify skin.” She is currently working on a range that will
incorporate a variety of product samples in a convenient pack to create the spa experience in the comfort of your own home. 
The product she is most excited about is the Baby Spa. “Mums can create a spa at home for their baby with 100 per cent, non-toxic bath powder for irritated skin, redness and eczema,” Melanie explains.

Another popular product for mums is the Sleeping Beauty Tea as women can consume it and pass the benefits onto their baby through
breast milk to help soothe the infant and promote a more restful sleep Melanie’s passion for the product range is
palpable when she speaks. “I’m a doer and a goer, if I have one person that says ‘good job’ that’s what ignites me,” she beams.

Her boundless enthusiasm means Melanie is continually brainstorming and planning her next move, but she’s made a conscious decision of
late to slow down and focus on what she already has. “I’m the person who likes to continually come up with ideas but I need to stop,” she laughs. “I want to spend more time engaging with the audience and educating them.” With a passion for organic skincare, Melanie has completed a qualification in naturopathy so her tea range has specific therapeutic and medicinal benefits for the body and mind.
All the products were designed to help regain a sense of balance and harmony within. This is also the philosophy behind the services
offered at the Renew Yourself health hub in Malop Street, Geelong. Rebranded from Renew You Pure Wellbeing
about three years ago, Peter says its main aim is to assist patients to achieve their health potential. Both Peter and Melanie – who are partners in life and business – have a host of personal experiences that help them relate to the journey their clients are on. 

At age 14 Peter suffered back pain as a result of being very sporty and active. “I went to a physio and chiro (as a patient) and did work experience at the physiotherapist and then I explored other professions that were similar,” he says of his entry into the field.
“I came across osteopathy and it suited my personality “You spend more time with patients and not just treat the symptoms but look for their cause.” Peter himself suffered stress, anxiety and glandular fever as a university student and learnt a lot about how tapping into his spiritual side could improve mental health.“I can really relate to a lot of people and draw from past experiences to help people mentally and physically,” he says. Peter prides himself on taking the time to learn about his patients’ lifestyles to inform his advice on how they can change their habits to live a healthier life. “I spend a lot of my time educating my patients,” he explains. “It could be on posture, how they sit at their desk and what they can do to minimise harm to their body.”

Having worked in reputable clinics across Australia, Peter relocated to the region from Melbourne about four and a half years ago in search of a more grounded lifestyle set among nature. Meanwhile, Melanie, who grew up in Geelong says she was always unwell growing up and is
motivated by a desire to help people in a similar situation who might be feeling hopeless. “Health has never come naturally to me, I’ve had to create it and that led me to more natural stuff,” she says. “Being in this industry, I’m a big believer of energy transfer, if you’re not in good energy you pass that onto others and you need to do something to change this. You want to give your best energy to people.” Both in their work life and at home, the couple share a passion for holistic health care that sees them get the best out of each other and of others.
“We not only provide education and service, but also products to help improve their health and they can gain these benefits between
appointments to achieve a greater level of health,” Peter says

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