Lets Talk Self Love!

Lets talk ♡ S E L F  L O V E ♡ & what I do for self nurturing.

Self Love comes in many forms, shapes, sizes & elements. It’s just trying & finding stuff that best suits you & your personality type.
No Yoga & Meditation may not suit you if you are a socialite who can’t stay still or be quiet for even a minute. But dancing around the house to music that soothes your soul might be your thing or boxing it out or pumping iron at the gym. (post covid)
For me Self Care is bathing myself in the forest & really being present with the earth around me, I love to eat nurturing foods that help heal my gut pain.
I have become immersed in the benefits of Holotropic Breathwork.
I am obsessed with High Hz Solfeggio music & have been using it for sleep every night & the benefits have been outstanding. I am looking forward to trying breathwork whilst using a float tank. 
To learn about High Hz music give it a Google Search & there is a link in our Instagram bio if you would like to listen to my High Hz Spotify Playlist for Stress & Anxiety.
Self Care for me also looks like…….
making my own Face Masks (of the clay type) & giving my skin some loving. I scrub with Frank Body coffee scrub & their dreamy rose gold shimmer scrub.
Essential oils are part of my every day life. I like to pop them on my pillow at night & on my face washer & just breathe.
ANYWAYS what I am trying to say is get creative with it & let the Self Love Flow. 
Self love can be in the form of exercise, healing your body & mind with alternative therapies such as Massage & Osteopathy, eating healthy foods, getting a restful nights sleep, or nurturing your own body.
There are many millions of ways to give to the most important person in your life  Y O U. Because without you, your whole world can’t function.
Give back to yourself & give life to your entire being! 


Blessings from Melanie Whillance 

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