Renew Yourself offer Geelong’s most innovative & extensive range of Massage Treatments. Experience the remarkable healing benefits of a Renew Yourself Massage treatment. Their unique journey combines self care & nurturing massage treatments, within an ambient surrounding to help create a sense of balance & harmony for guests. 

Their luxury massage treatments teamed with natural  products & beautifully scented essential oils help guide you into a deep sense of wellbeing & inner peace. 

Renew Yourself offer Geelong’s most extensive range of carefully curated, indulgent & Remedial massage treatments that can help relieve pain and tension, reduce stress, & promote a deep sense of relaxation & wellbeing. 

Set inside a charming heritage listed building located at the tranquil botanical gardens end of Geelong CBD & with off street parking available. You will be happy to know that Health Fund rebates are also available.  

Explore our Massage Treatments & Packages below & begin your journey towards self investment. 



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