Renew Yourself are Geelong’s Wellness destination for Massage, Osteopathy, Health & Wellbeing Products & Packages. Whether it be for Self Care or as a gift for someone, our products & services help you to regain a sense of balance & harmony within . Our therapies are designed to help our clients who are suffering with stress, pain and tension to gain a  better lifestyle. Our therapists can guide you to the right treatment to empower you to  achieve a better work life balance. 

A mindfully curated menu of treatments focussed on self-care and self-investment awaits you. With Geelong’s most extensive selection of Massage and Osteopathic treatments, Holistic Beauty services, Facial Treatments and Naturopathic Remedies, Renew Yourself is synergy in action.

We know beauty, inner calm and a healthy body and mind is more than skin deep. The ethos of Renew Yourself is infused with a passion for nature & the earth. 

Renew Yourself Founders Melanie Whillance and Dr. Peter Bouris believe that wellbeing is deeply individual. This belief infuses their vision for natural health care and the pursuance of nourishing the body and living a flourishing lifestyle. 

Set inside a charming heritage listed building at the tranquil botanical gardens end of Geelong CBD, the health hub’s services are complemented with natural products that can be purchased in store and online. 

The dynamic team have sourced and hand created a range of decadent natural origin products derived from our earth and sourced for ethical and sustainable quality as well as their rich nutrients and active ingredients.

From herbal teas and medicinal foot soaks to natural medicine remedies and organic skin care, the wellbeing space is something special to behold.

Begin your journey towards self care and healing today!


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