Relieve Pain and improve your health with Peter Bouris, our expert Osteopath in Geelong and Scarsdale

Experience the transformative power of Osteopathy tailored to suit your needs. Discover how hands on treatment can help relieve pain and tension and improve your strength and flexibility so that you can return to a more active life. Peter enjoys guiding people beyond pain, inspiring you to achieve better health through creating healthy habits and practises suited to your goals, interests and lifestyle. Ultimately helping you create and sustain wellness.

Osteopathy is available from Malop St, Geelong and from Peter’s mudbrick property nestled in the forest of Scarsdale near Greater Ballarat.

Common benefits of Osteopathy:

  • INatural Pain Relief
  • IAccelerated Injury Recovery
  • IEnhanced Mobility and Independence
  • IEffective Rehabilitation Post-Injury
  • IIncreased Physical Strength
  • IExpert Pain and Condition Management
  • IAlleviation of Pregnancy-related Pain and Discomfort
  • IMuscle Tension Relief
  • IReduced Inflammation and Improved Circulation

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic physical therapy that employs safe and effective hands-on techniques to naturally heal the body. With Peter’s expertise, your treatment plan will address not only muscles but all bodily structures, including joints, ligaments, nerves, discs, arteries, and veins. This comprehensive approach ensures that various physical injuries, conditions, and even diseases can benefit from Osteopathic treatment. Techniques such as joint movement, stretching, massage, manipulation, cupping, and counter-strain are applied based on your preferences and the structures involved.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you inside the nurturing walls of Renew Yourself soon. Until then, take care of yourself and get ready to indulge in the ultimate pamper experience.

Conditions Peter commonly treats:

  • IHeadaches and Migraines
  • INeck and Shoulder Pain
  • ILow Back Pain (including Disc Injuries) and Sciatica
  • IMuscle Strain
  • IWorkplace Injuries
  • IArthritis and Joint Stiffness
  • IOsteoporosis
  • ISporting Injuries
  • IAsthma
  • IJaw Pain
  • IFoot and Ankle Pain (including Plantar Fasciitis)
  • IPregnancy-related Pain
  • IFatigue
  • IElbow Pain
  • IShin Splints
  • ITendinitis
  • ICarpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • IScoliosis
  • IAnxiety and Depression
  • IBursitis

Your Osteopathy Session

During your consult, Peter will identify your goals and tailor an assessment to understand your body’s needs. Together, Peter will work with you on improving the structure and function of your body through treatment, exercises, activity and lifestyle modifications. This will assist pain relief and give you the tools to sustain good health into the future.

Why choose Peter?

As a highly skilled and empathetic Osteopath, Peter engages his clients through personalised treatment and strategies tailored to their unique needs. With 15 years’ experience in Osteopathy, training in Yoga and Breathwork Peter’s holistic approach will help you to make positive lifestyle changes and create lasting improvements in your health.

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